International Technology Consultants

Phil is an international technical, media and business development executive with over 30 years experience in military and civilian environments. Phil has an impressive background in many diverse fields. These include software development, satellite communications operations and engineering, computer and information technology, industrial process control, facilities management, hardware design, security, safety, disaster recovery, recruitment, and training. A technical innovator, with a solid track record of international project management, software product development and international marketing. Phil holds numerous medals and awards from the US Military, NASA, and the international civilian sector for systems research, design, and project management. Phil has been directly responsible at the grass roots level for the success of new technology implementation in several key industries. These include the European wide shift to digital satellite communications, and the modernization of the British newspaper and continuous process manufacturing industries. Phil has produced, directed, and edited several Documentaries and Feature Films, acted as Technical Advisor on many Productions, and has authored numerous papers and technical manuals. Phil holds several international patents and copyrights.

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